Welcome to the Coast Road Dawn Chorus

We are a group of backyard trappers and community trapping projects along the Coast Road from Fox River to Runanga. We operate under the Incorporated Society, Coast Road Dawn Chours Inc. Membership is a $5 one-off payment. We welcome new members. Please contact David Moore if you would like to join.

Host a Trap on the Barrytown Flats

This is a community rat/stoat trapline along the Coast Road of the Barrytown Flats from 17 Mile Bluff to Razorback Point.

If you live on this section of the Coast Road and would like to host a trap, we have traps available now for allocation.

The trap needs to go somewhere along your road frontage e.g. at/ near your letterbox. The trap is free but will remain the property of the Society. As the trap host you will be responsible for checking, rebaiting and clearing (preferably twice a month), and reporting on monthly catches. No one will enter your property to check the trap unless you specifically ask them to do so.

Training on safe use of the trap will be given when you collect it.

Please Host a Trap and help our native birds.

Contact Suzanne or David at dawnchorus@westcoast.org.nz or text 028 415 6994

Local Projects

Host a Trap: Barrytown Flats
Suzanne Hills
David Moore
West Coast Penguin Trust
Inger Perkins
Predator Free Truman
Marie Elder
Ph 03-7311-110
15 Hartmount Place, Punakaiki CMB 61, RD 1, Runanga 7873
Conservation Volunteers NZ
Juliette Curry
Ph 03 731 1808
3916 State Highway 6, Punakaiki 7873
Predator Free Punakaiki
Grant Parrett
4300 Coast Road, Punakaiki 7873
Motukiekie Shakedown
Leon Dalziel
Ph 03 731 1129
1730 Coast Road, RD1, Runanga 7873
Caffyn Trappin'
Paul Caffyn
Ph 03 7311806
12 mile, Coast Road, RD1, Runanga 7873