Coast Road Dawn Chorus Gathering 2019

Keen to learn more about predator trapping?

Need some inspiration or ideas for community conservation groups?

Want to connect with others?

Join us on Saturday 21 st September, 9:30am – 4.30pm at the Barrytown Hall, 6 Cargills Road, Barrytown.



Session 1

Predator traps with Darrell Haworth, DOC Senior Biodiversity Ranger

Demonstration of different types of traps, including DOC150/200, the Goodnature A12 and A24, auto notification traps, trapinator plastic boxes.

Identifying bird calls for absolute beginners with Chris Cromey

Identify the common bird calls heard around Barrytown with handy hints and sound association.

How to set up a project on the website with David Moore

How to set up a new project on Please bring your own laptop or tablet. (You will need a device bigger than just a phone for this workshop, but a phone in addition would be useful.)

Session 2

DOC150 Traps with Chris Cromey

How to set, clear, deactivate and calibrate the DOC150, and how to make a simple trap setting hook.

Bird song recording and post-processing with Dave Pugh, The OurTrees Project

Recording bird song in the bush with RaspberryPi based and Zoom audio recorders, and post-processing using Audacity open source audio software. Something for both tech and non-tech people.

Trail Cameras with Jo Halley, Paparoa Wildlife Trust

How to best use a trail camera for predator monitoring.

Keynote Speaker

Kristel van Houte - Marine ecologist, Project Manager of the Raglan-based Karioi Project and Co-Director of A Rocha NZ.

Kristel van Houte

Restoring biodiversity from Mountain to Sea. Engaging community and working in partnership.

Hear From

  • Predator Free Punakaiki
  • West Coast Penguin Trust
  • Westland Petrel Conservation Trust
  • Coast Road Dawn Chorus
  • Predator Free Truman Track
  • Motukiekie Shakedown
  • Caffyn Trappin'

Field Trip

Join some of the Barrytown school children for a guided tour of the trap line they have set up in their school grounds as a Kiwibank Predator Free School.

Potluck Lunch

Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

And More

Lightning Talks Take the floor and within 4 minutes share your ideas, theories, thoughts or opinions on anything to do with predator trapping, e.g. predator behaviour, volunteers, methods, achievements etc.

Q & A Throw your trapping questions at our expert panel. Any question relevant to predator trapping from traps, lures, methods, predator behaviour, funding, volunteers etc

The odd/surprising behaviours of predators, captured on video.

There will also be a Kid's Trapping Corner where children can make tracking tunnels, weta motels and paper models of native birds. (Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.)

This is a free community event and everyone is welcome.


Local Projects

CRDC Community Trapline / Barrytown
Suzanne Hills
David Moore
West Coast Penguin Trust
Inger Perkins
Predator Free Truman
Marie Elder
Ph 03-7311-110
15 Hartmount Place, Punakaiki CMB 61, RD 1, Runanga 7873
Conservation Volunteers NZ
James Washer
Ph 03 731 1808
3916 State Highway 6, Punakaiki 7873
Predator Free Punakaiki
Grant Parrett
4300 Coast Road, Punakaiki 7873
Predator Free Barrytown
Chris Cromey
Ph 022 1581551
2706 Coast Road, RD1 Barrytown, Runanga 7873
Motukiekie Shakedown
Leon Dalziel
Ph 03 731 1129
1730 Coast Road, RD1, Runanga 7873