Host a Trap: Barrytown Flats
Suzanne Hills
David Moore

Host a Trap Barrytown Flats

Be a part of the community rat/stoat trapline along the Coast Road of the Barrytown Flats (from 17 Mile Bluff to Razorback Point).

If you live on the Barrytown Flats and would like to Host a Trap, please get in touch. There is no charge for the traps, but they do remain the property of Coast Road Dawn Chorus Inc.

As the trap host you will be responsible for checking, rebaiting and clearing (preferably fortnightly), and reporting on monthly catches. No one will enter your property to check the trap unless you specifically ask them to do so.

Training on safe use of the trap will be given when delivered. We can also provide a tool to make setting the trap super easy. Additional we have automatic self-setting traps (A24s) if you do not live here permanently or find it difficult dealing with dead animals.

Please Host a Trap and help our native wildlife.

Contact Suzanne or David at or text 028 415 6994

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Report a catch

Monthly catch report

Terrain: Indigenous Forest / Mostly Flat or Low Hill
Predators: Rat, Mustelid (stoats & weasels)
Control Methods: Trap, Self resetting trap