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Bioblitz at Pakiroa Beach & Coastal Lagoon - Friday 26th March

Friday 26th of March at 1pm to 2pm
-42.1911772098, 171.315392170 [map]

Lagoons map

A Coast Road Dawn Chorus one hour bioblitz at the coastal lagoon of Pakiroa beach, Barrytown with Greymouth High School conservation students.

Aim: to identify and record as many species as possible from the intertidal zone up into the coastal lagoon and contribute to the knowledge base of this important ecosystem. The lagoon is a Significant Natural Area (SNA).

Directions: Park at the end of Burke Road off SH6 on Barrytown Flats. Walk south down the beach for approximately 700m to the northernmost coastal lagoon.

If possible please bring / wear :

  • your phone with the iNaturalist app installed iNaturalist app
  • add yourself as a user to iNaturalist project Pakiroa Beach & Coastal Lagoon Bioblitz
  • binoculars
  • clothing suitable for weather conditions and sturdy footwear
  • gumboots or shoes you don't mind getting wet
  • container for temporary collection of specimens
  • bucket or bag for collection of any plastic waste found on beach

We will have available :

  • bug viewers
  • magnifying glasses
  • mesh scoops
  • bird, fish and insect identification guides
  • telescope for viewing wading birds

Please note :

  • Due to the sensitive nature of the lagoon ecosystem, this is an invite only event.
  • Access to the lagoon is only from Pakiroa Beach, not across farmland private property.
  • The coastal lagoons themselves are within private property boundaries and we have kindly been given permission to access the northernmost lagoon (via the beach) by the Langridge family. There is no permission to access the southernmost lagoon near Canoe Creek. Private property boundaries lie close to the high water mark - please respect these.
  • We are collecting specimens only long enough to identify; please put all insects, fish, shellfish etc back where you found them with minimal disturbance.


m: 028 415 6994

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