Predator Free Barrytown
Chris Cromey
Ph 022 1581551
2706 Coast Road
RD1 Barrytown
Runanga 7873

Aim: To reduce predator numbers in several areas in and around Barrytown to form a landscape scale protected area.

Two areas have traplines:

  1. Backyard trap line around Fagan creek.
  2. Barrytown School Bush block (a Barrytown School project).

Traps: Single DOC150s, D2K with mink police technology, sentinel possum traps.

Project started 2017.

Terrain: Indigenous Forest / Mostly Flat or Low Hill
Predators: Rat, Mustelid (stoats & ferrets), Mice, Possum, Hedgehog
Control Methods: Trap, Remote monitored trap

Trialling mink police technology

2017/18: 39 rats, 1 stoat, 1 hedgehog, 12 possums