Predator Free Punakaiki
Grant Parrett
4300 Coast Road

Aim: Protecting our native birds and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Community trap line in and around native bush and sea cliffs of Dolomite Point to help protect native forest birds and nesting seabirds.

Community trapline along Porarari river at Punakaiki village. Contact Susanna Lyle if you would like to volunteer to check traps.

Traps: DOC150s in wooden boxes. Goodnature A24s and A12s. D2K (Designed 2 Kill) rat/stoat traps with mink police technology.

Possum control undertaken by contractor in 2018.

Project started 2017

New volunteers always welcome.

Terrain: Indigenous Forest / Mostly Flat or Low Hill
Predators: Possum, Rat, Mustelid (stoats & weasels), Mice
Control Methods: Trap, Self resetting trap, Remote monitored trap

Trialling new technology of Mink Police - an automated text/email alert system (via mobile phone network) on trap activation.