Predator Free Punakaiki
Grant Parrett
4300 Coast Road

Aim: Protecting our native birds and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Community trap line in and around native bush and sea cliffs of Dolomite Point to help protect native forest birds and nesting seabirds.

Traps: Double DOC150s in wooden boxes. Goodnature A24s and A12s. D2K (Designed 2 Kill) rat/stoat traps with mink police technology.

Possum control undertaken by contractor in 2018.

Project started 2017

New volunteers always welcome.

Terrain: Indigenous Forest / Mostly Flat or Low Hill
Predators: Possum, Rat, Mustelid (stoats & ferrets), Mice
Control Methods: Trap, Self resetting trap, Remote monitored trap

Trialling new technology of Mink Police - an automated text/email alert system (via mobile phone network) on trap activation.

2017/18 51 predators (mostly rats with a few stoats)