DOC 5 Minute Bird Count

DOC 'Walk the Line' online data capture system. DOC will be rolling out an app in near future. Until then, contact Zac Coffin, the DOC Predator free 2050 Ranger.

Community Health and Safety Template

Predator Free NZ Trapping Best Practice

Funding Options

The Coast Road Dawn Chorus itself does not have funding available, but here are some funding sources suitable for backyard and/or community trapping projects :

DOC Community Fund

Focus is on practical community-led conservation projects. Private land owners are also eligible, but you are more likely to be successful with community involvement. This fund has a very high number of applicants.

2019 funding round now closed.

Kiwibank Predator Free NZ Funding

Good option for backyard suburban trapping projects as fund predator trapping on private land (but not farms or lifestyle blocks). They do not fund projects on government or council owned land.

2019 funding round now closed. We hope to see funding for a West Coast community in 2020. Cobden & Runanga are good examples of communities that could apply.

Predator Free 2050

Co-funding for large landscape scale projects in association with the Government's Provincial Growth Fund.

Also a fund to fast-track the development of new technologies and tools.

Kiwibank Predator Free Schools

Fund 20 schools annually, each with up to $1000 of trapping equipment.

Barrytown School was one of the successful schools in 2018 funding round.

2019 fund closes in October.

WWF Community Fund

Habitat Protection Fund for local community groups engaged in hands-on conservation or restoration projects.

Environmental Education Action Fund for community groups and schools who, through learning, are taking hands-on action to address an environmental issue.

2019 fund opens Sep/Oct .

Sargood Bequest

Focus on Access, Participation and Inspiration with the fund having an Environmental category. Open to community groups and individuals, but favour projects where funds are specifically targeted.

Fund closes 31 December annually and bequests are usually under $5000.

Fonterra Grass Roots Fund

Focus on dairy communities where staff, shareholders, suppliers and families live and work. $500 to $5000 available for projects that bring communities together, including environmental initiatives. There is a Caring for the Environment category. Only available for projects on public land. Good option for school based projects.

Funding rounds close 31 March and 31 August annually.

National Funding List

Link to full list of national funding options for environmental projects. Many are for large scale projects requiring a high level of planning and demonstration of professional best practice.