PLEASE TAKE CARE AND ENSURE ALL TRAPS EXCLUDE WEKAS. The West Coast is one of the remaining areas on mainland NZ with weka - sadly they are locally extinct in most areas elsewhere. Many traps do not have the minimum distance of 265mm from entrance to trap required to exclude weka. Please ensure your purchased or homemade trap meets this requirement ... if weka can get bait out of the trap, it is not weka safe.

Designed 2 Kill

D2K rat/stoat traps and Mink Police (auto notification to mobile phone or email).

CMI Springs

For DOC150/200/250 trap mechanisms and the Trapinator Mustelid Tunnel

If you are housing the DOC150/200/250 traps in wooden boxes, please ensure the box is built to the DOC trap specification. DOC Predator Trap

Please note: not all the boxes sold by the Menz Shed in Westport are built with the minimum 265mm to keep weka safe.

The plastic Trapinator Mustelid Tunnel requires an add-on pipe accessory to keep weka safe: 265mm between entrance and trap.


For A12 and A24 automatic resetting traps and accessories

Please be aware Goodnature's original weka excluder has been withdrawn. They now offer an alternative. All A24s should either be placed up a tree at about 700mm or use the new product to avoid harm to wekas.


Range of traps, lures, monitoring equipment, including long lasting ceramic lures used in conjunction with salmon oil - great for attracting stoats and rats.

NZ AutoTraps

Self resetting traps. AT220 Possum Trap (also catches rats). AT200 for stoats and rats in development.

Predator Free NZ Shop

Range of traps and accessories

Rubber Monkey Monitoring Cameras

Some predator trapping groups are finding trail cameras more useful for monitoring compared with tracking tunnels or chew cards. The link above to Browning Trail Camera is a good option and has the advantage of external 12V lithium battery for added long-life.