Designed 2 Kill

D2K traps and Mink Police

CMI Springs

For DOC 150, DOC 200 and 250 predator traps

Please ensure the box meets the DOC specification. The boxes sold by the Menz Shed in Westport are NOT compliant to DOC specification as the distance between the trap and the entrance is not above the minimum required to keep weka safe.

DOC Predator Trap


For A12 and A24 automatic resetting traps and accessories

Please be aware Goodnature's weka excluder has been withdrawn as the product does not always fully exclude wekas - some have been harmed or killed. The company is currently designing an alternative. All A24s should be placed up a tree at about 700mm to avoid harm to wekas.


Range of traps, lures, monitoring equipment

Predator Free NZ Shop

Range of traps and accessories

Rubber Monkey Monitoring Cameras

Some predator trapping groups are finding trail cameras more useful for monitoring compared with tracking tunnels or chew cards. The link above to Browning Trail Camera is a good option and has the advantage of external 12V lithium battery for added long-life.